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About Larry

Hey there, my name is Larry Reeb. I grew up in rural Kentucky hunting, fishing and trapping as a big part of everyday life. I knew at an early age that the outdoors would play a large role in my future. My father was hunter and a Mountain Man. My grandfather was a hunter as well as a fisherman so as you could imagine I had ample opportunity to experience the spoils of nature. My first rifle was a 32 caliber percussion cap rifle that my father (Larry Reeb Sr) built. My first bow was a Bear Archery bow, for the life of me I cannot remember what model.

I joined the Army after Highschool and my hunting took a back seat for a period time. I tried out for Special Forces in 1990 and as I was going through the Q-Course I realized how much I missed the outdoors. While in the field training my Bush Craft (rusty as it was), was noticed early on. After graduating Special Forces and joining the Teams I quickly became the tracking and survival, go-to guy. This provided me the opportunity to attend some very good commercial courses that amplified my skills and brought me to where I am today. I retired from the Army at 25 years of service achieving the rank of Sergeant Major. Now I take people hunting and fishing, I teach people weapons handling and wilderness enhancement practices that makes folks more efficient and less impacting on the environment. I take great pride in that. Allow me the opportunity and I will endeavor to provide you and yours with an unforgettable outdoors adventure.