The Jager Schlage:

The first strike recognizes the Young Jager as a hunter.

The second strike obligates the Young Jager to practice and enforce good hunting principles. The third strike obliges the Young Jager to never give up your hunting honor.
The Jager Schlage is a traditional custom for the young hunter and represents the point in life where the Young Jager makes a vow to hunt responsibly, serve as a steward of nature and a protector of the animals while abiding by and enforcing the hunting laws. Once receiving the charge, the Young Jager is included in the ranks of the hunters.

The charging is preceded with a short speech by the Jagermeister, in which he tries once again to sensitize the so-called young hunters to their new responsibility towards game, forest and other people and to point out dangers in connection with hunting.

Afterwards, the young hunters received three light strokes with the deer catcher on the left shoulder and is accepted into the ranks of the hunters with a handshake and welcomed for the first time with

From now on you will return the greeting as a hunter with Waidmannsheil.