Hey there, welcome to Larry’s Store where we know no strangers, and everyone is a friend. At Larry’s, it is our mission to meet your needs as the customer and provide quality and professional services, first and foremost. 
We have a wide variety of hunting gear. We specialize in bow hunting equipment and we have a full-service bow tuning and repair station right here in the store. We have an indoor archery range and a 4D full-motion video cinema that customers can rent, to include a full complement of archery gear. We also offer minor weapons service and repair, scope mounting, and bore sighting just to name a few. We offer Larry’s membership that is good for one year. With membership, the member receives a 10% discount on all store retail merchandise. You also gain access to the meat cutting and processing center in the back of the store. We have a walk-in cooler, electric hoist, digital scale, vacuum packer, and meat grinder available to the member. We have all the knives and gear to process your harvest during open hours.

We offer other services and opportunities like our annual schedule of re-occurring pre-planned hunts throughout Europe and Africa. We offer archery clinics for children and adults and we hold several local archery tournaments annually.  We offer mountain bike tours and mountain bike clinics. We do wilderness enhancement courses, survival clinics, and several levels of weapons and marksmanship training. We can also plan an event for you. Provided your intent, objectives, and resources available, we at Larry’s will apply our decades of planning experience and layout your very own Larry’s Ultimate Adventure.

Please stop in and say hello, I promise you will be greeted with a warm smile and enthusiastic service.


Im Vogelsang 21, 71101 Schönaich, Germany
+49 70316590782